And the winner is….

Ok, I took a longer look now at the Egyptian statue building entries!

Soooo the winnner iiiiiiiiss:

LVASold with his deathmask of King Tut! He will receive the amount of blocks used in diamonds (not blocks) AND 1 stack of lightstone OR upgrade to VIP (you choose)

Second prize goes to:

  • pinebenj for his Colossus
  • plutomaster for his god of darkness

Both win 20 blocks of glowstone or diamond, you choose.

Third prize goes to:

  • Daiyamondo for the Ram Creeper twins
  • Albertpuding for the creeper sphinx

Both win 10 blocks of glowstone or diamond, you choose.

Congratulations! Please contact me to get the rewards! Also, I will try to transfer all of those to the public area inside or around the pyramid.


15 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. hehe I know I should of spent more than an hour on mine :) good job ben and lva!

  2. lol lvasold upstaged us all. I guess ill have to try again for vip next time (:

  3. Congratulations lvasold! So happy for him, great friend and deserving VIP :) (lva psst, take the VIP!) Hahaha, and don’t worry Ben, you’ll get ’em next time! Haha :)

  4. WOoohoo! Well done Lva! Awesomeness :3
    and congrats too all the other participants ^^ everyone pulled out some awesome stuff! Well Done!

  5. Congrats to all who won! I would like the 10 blocks of diamond, please! :)

  6. Damn, i was certain that i was going to win with my super uber awesome mega entry

  7. I’m new, but i’m going to try and win the next contest!
    btw, the egyptian stuff is really epic :D

  8. Wow! Thank you. Congrats to everyone! I liked seeing the competition combined with everyone helping one another! :D

    Great contest!

  9. Lvasold you deserve it! Congratulations. I hope to see you online soon :D

  10. Congratulations to everyone who won, I loved everyone’s entries and was exited to see who would win! So congrats to Lva, Pine, Pluto, Dia, and Albert!
    I hope to be a part of the next contest, I’ll probably lose, but the heck with it I’m participating in the next one.

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