Monster Castle Discovered! [Update]

We discovered a monster castle south-west of the spawn in the darklands! Beware, do not even attempt to go by yourself! There are more mobs than you would dare to even look at!

The chests in the castles are said to have lapis, clay, lightstone and diamonds! Please try to find it, and report here how you conquered it!

[Update] The first raid with 2 brave warriors already failed on the third floor! Make sure you bring your equipment along! But the first two floors are raided already![/Update]

9 thoughts on “Monster Castle Discovered! [Update]

  1. Its too bad Im going on a outdoor ed trip this weekend :(

    • nvm, I did it while free at school. So I managed to get through it with iron chest, and everthing else leather, 2 cooked fish, 2 cooked pork, bow with 84 arrows, stone sword, dying 2 times once going up once going down, by myself. The thing that makes me think about the castle the most is that not a lot of creatures actually hit me for some odd reason.

  2. Too bad im bringing diamond sword, iron armour, and full inv of bread. Ill win it

  3. The castle is raided already.Will you restock it unc?

  4. yeaaa went threw it and nothing left :P lasted less than 8 hours XD
    Maybe next time you could hook up redstone to reward people for completing the tower even after the main chest treasures are gone :3

  5. Unc when me and OSF attacked Daiya came to the rescue and got the third floor so it is all gone.

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