New Contest: Sky Scraper!

Here is the new contest, the sky scraper contest! You are supposed to build a building with a base dimension of 20×20 maximum or 16×16 minimum (does not have to be square) which has no cellar, and a base that is no lower than block 63 (so when you are standing on it, your client shows you are 65). You can build a non-functional building, but functionality of any kind will be rewarded higher.

If you built one of those already in the city, you can submit that one of course. The winner gets a stack of diamonds or a level upgrade (max VIP). The deadline is 29th of May. Paste a screenshot & the coordinates here so I can go there and take a look please.

Of course 2 people can build the same type of building. The better one shall win. You can also build a type that is already present in the city (hospital etc). I will take the better one. Independent of winners/loosers, I might copy some of the building into the city later.

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      • Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I have this medical condition where I’m stupid sometimes. :-)

        • That medical condition is called ‘humanitus birthus’. It effects us all, but some more than others. ;-)

  1. Hmm… my wheels are spinning, but ‘lo you shall all wonder if I will have enough time, and good wifi between now and the end to complete my building. :-) Of course, I could do what pinebenj does, and just wait til it’s almost over, then email Notch to release the next upgrade so Uncovery delays the deadline just long enough to barely scratch by. ;-)

  2. YAY Contest! I must begin work, and I already had something planned for the city.

  3. Can we submit buildings we already put in the city for this contest?

  4. As the rain cleared, you could clearly see the building that will soon be known as the Uncovery City Mall. Built by the HCP~

    Hope you guys like it! Added a lot of cool things in it~

    Z= -365

    With it only taking a day I thought it turned out pretty well.
    Please leave opinions!

    P.S.- Hahah Ben how I will feel when you are dead last!

  5. Great work Henry and Hardcorepuding. I believe that you guys will do very well in the contest. :D

    • Wow. A nice comment… And no mention of how you’re going to be in first place? I hope that’s bc you’re too busy working hard on your entry! ;-)

  6. Yes thanks for the feedback. My first contest.. I’d be happy to come in last with the quality I’ve seen from everyone.

  7. Don’t be so hard on yourself rthurber. Your skyscraper is alot nicer than some ive seen :D You will do great in the contest!

  8. I’ve already lost haven’t I?
    By the way uncovery? How many of the buildings will be put into the city?

    • Dunno. If there are 5 hotels, only one will go. It’s a matter of what fits, what looks good etc.

    • Could you remove the skyscraper from my lot when the contest is over?
      That would be very much appreciated! :)
      Thank you!

    • Wow dude! That’s really fantastic looking! I’m really impressed! Good work!

    • Wow! This could be the best I’ve seen so far. Good luck!

    • Looks great. I like the symmetry and use of glass and brick with the stone. I do have a question, though, have you had many mobs spawning on the ledges on the exterior? It seems you have a lot of ledges that may be a little too dark (and allow spawning). Just a thought.

      • Thank you! :)
        I’m actually not quite sure if I have had any mobs spawning on the outside of the building.. None that I have noticed, but then again I haven’t been paying that much attention to that. Hmm.

  9. Here’s my entry everyone! Welcome to Paradise Vacation Resort!
    Lover’s Bistro:
    Kiddy Coaster (fully functional roller coaster with T Junction to next floor for transport):
    Private Rooms:
    Sky Room (for City Viewing):
    My Bit Of Fun Design (notice the first three floors make a dog):

    If anyone wants to visit just ask, I’m on lot V8 and ride the coaster whenever you want!
    Hope you like it!

    • Wow, you definitely have potential in winning this.
      Next time we’re both on, I’ll come see it. :)

    • Oooops sorry I forgot about the coordinates! Here you go :D

      X- (-789)
      Y- (65)
      Z- (-649)

    • Looking back on this entry, it is definitely one of the best. It may not be the biggest, however it has some of the best attention to detail and creativity I’ve seen yet. Well deserved!

  10. Great job St! You might win! This is serious competition.

  11. Introducing Albert’s Farm Exhibits, where one can learn everything there is to know about the different items you can farm, as well as the methods involved.

    Here is an album of pictures of it:



  12. Well I made a Redstone Tutorial Tower. Kinda seems pointless now since Uncovery made improvements to the one in the city, but nonetheless my tower is a lot simpler and gives players the opportunity to walk around and get a good look at the most popular Redstone machines and systems.

    X: +385
    Y: 66
    Z: +1348

  13. Im sad now. Everyones is so good and I couldnt put my last details on…because Im on vacation.

  14. Uncovery, feel free to delete my City Humidifier. It’s kind of dumb. I wont be offended or anything. :-)

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