Public Area changes

I changed the way the public area works. First of all, I created a new, temporary world. Only peasants can build there. The temporary world has a central area that cannot be touched (marked by glowstones), and beyond there can be used for materials. This world will be reset every Wednesday midnight (HKG time). Everybody else has to go to the darklands for free mining.

The public area is now called central area and only architects and VIPs can build there. It is not for free mining & building but rather to build a city together. Before you start building there, talk to me about what & where. I am about to reset the central area in 100×100 sized blocks from the north on. I will try to leave the larger buildings but the stuff right outside of spawn will go away since it has been griefed beyond recognition anyhow.

I updated the website and questions according to the new changes. If you find stuff that is not updated yet, please tell me.


14 thoughts on “Public Area changes

  1. Awesome! Can you not reset the area outside my lot? I worked all night on covering it with dirt then i made a huge tree farm

    • Nvm go ahead and reset the area. But can I ask that after you have reset it that I can change the area into sort of a big public treee farm area for the VIPS and Archs?
      I’ll make it look nice and it will be pretty good size.

  2. Finally, the public area won’t look like a wasteland! :D

    I like the idea of a “temporary world”, and also of only Architects and VIPs being able to build in the central area, because this will create a place where the “better” builders and the more trusted players can do larger group projects without having to worry about them being griefed.

    Great job, and thanks for everything!

  3. I love the idea Uncovery! It gives me something to work towards :) I also had a thought about adding a world like Darklands just for architects and VIP’s, or just VIP’s, so they get a perfectly trustworthy world instead of a medium sized area of land. Or better yet turn Darklands into that high ranking only world. :D

  4. great idea, also might be a good idea to leave some hills/ rivers and other stuff like that . . so the city doesn’t looks all flat :p

  5. (ps I’ve looked around the website and profile page to try to find a way to change my profile picture and can’t find it, so note that I’m not always angry XP)

  6. I hope my airship gets saved XD~ it survived greifing forever

  7. As of now, everyone has access to the Temporary map. Architects, settlers, and VIPs have been in, don’t know about guests.

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