Crazyheatrocker banned for being abusive [Update]

See here. Please remember that there is a rule to keep private fights off the server.

[Update] I hear now that he also griefed after he snapped. I can reverse some of what he did if I know where it happened. Please post here the coordinates and I will try and go there and verserse what he did. Please make sure you only tell me if the griefing was severe.[/update]

6 thoughts on “Crazyheatrocker banned for being abusive [Update]

  1. He mostly attacked the outpost in the Darklands. We have mostly fixed the damage. All he really did was break a bunch of glowstone lamps.

  2. It kind of makes me think we should have a nice building where new members spawn. If they grief it, they’re auto banned.

    • Yeah, and we’ll put a sign there saying “You have build rights here, so don’t take the
      diamond blocks out of this chest!”. :-P

  3. Bad idea :/ If You just joined would you be tempted to take the diamonds?

    I like the simple wait for someone to grief then ban him/her.

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