Go to Jail.

I have setup a jail system. Only VIPs can send someone to Jail. It is to be used as an emergency measure if someone starts griefing and I am not online. That way further damage can be prevented. Here is how it works:

  • /jails: List all jails. There can be several, and there are names for them. Currently there is only one, called “city”. It’s located in the General Admin Building.
  • /tjails <username> <jailname> [time]: sends a user (for an optional specified time) to the named jail. repeating /tjail <username> frees the user. The jailed user cannot use /home or /spawn until freed. Removing a user from jail will try to teleport the user back to where he was jailed from. If the user moves, the tp back will be cancelled. The user however will be able to use /home or /spawn to get out.

If someone wants to build a more sophisticated jail, be my guest!

6 thoughts on “Go to Jail.

  1. I might take the challenge to build a better jail. I will not disappoint you with this privilege.

  2. Do I have to go to jail? Directly? Can I pass spawn? Or collect 200 uncs?

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