17 thoughts on “100 Uncs for a vote!

  1. The value of the Unc is going to plummet after this…

  2. im glad you brought back the use of uncs, but a little too many uncs imo. maybe 25? Also, families with multiple users on the same network can’t all vote and only one gets the 100 uncs

    • I cannot help the issue with the families. The amount is discussable. but finally we have not used the unc for a while and we need to catch up with the votes.

      • thats understandable with the families. but i really like this addition

  3. ahhh looks like my daily command will be….

    /money pay hiosa 100

  4. lol how about
    /money pay osf 50 and
    /money pay hiosa 50 (:

  5. Are you supposed to receive it automatically or will give it manually, because I voted didn’t get anything…

    • Make sure you enter your username into the field above the CAPTCHA. You should receive it automatically.

  6. I suggest putting the “Vote for us” out in plain sight again. :D

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