New Contest: Noble house!

The new contest is out, the topic is “Noble house”! Build a 20×20 house with the following features:

  • A family house of rich people
  • A garden around it that has to fit on the 20×20
  • Not more than a ground floor and a upper floor

Voting will be split by user level. The level used is the one you have when the contest closes. Winning in your class requires that at least two people per level enter. If you are the only one in your class you will be part of the level above yours.

Contest will close 31st of July!

Post you entry here with the coordinates and screenshots please!

58 thoughts on “New Contest: Noble house!

  1. Does the 20×20 limit include the garden, as well? And if not, is there a limit on how big the garden can be?

  2. I have decided not to participate in this one. However I will still submit a house outside of this contest. I just want to contribute in giving others the chance they deserve.

  3. Oh i’m certainly not implying that you guys couldn’t win with me in the picture.

    It’s just that these competitions bring out the worst in people.

    That is why I will submit my building outside of the contest.

  4. But i’m not trying to keep people from participating. Give it your best shot!

  5. I would love to take part, but I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks on Friday, so I won’t be able to take part DX

  6. LOL I am going to build one. It’s just going to be submitted to the city rather than entered in the contest.

    • Opps completely forgot about this.

      Rank: Architect

      x: 629
      y: 73
      z: -932


  7. Long Ago in a far away corner of Minecraft~
    There lived a wise old miner. He spent much of his life in the mines and eventually stumbled onto a incredible treasure! A pure Lapis Lazuli crystal with magical properties. This mythical stone could cause objects to float! Once its existence became known many countries who desired the stone came to him and wished to purchase the stone. But the miner would not be swayed by their offers for he knew that they would only use the stone to wage war. As time passed these disgruntled and fearful countries became ever covetous of the stones power and hired thieves and assassins to retrieve the stone. Aware of this the wise miner took the crystal and affixed it to his own manor house and few away into the clouds, never to return.

    Many years have gone by and this legendary floating house was never discovered, until now! In the skylands over Uncovery the house was discovered drifting among the floating islands. Tho the crystals method of operation has long ago been forgotten, our finest redstone engineers have managed to control its powers and even now are directing it down to our fair city!

    Main Hall:
    Exterior ~
    Front View:
    Back View and Tower:
    Floating Among the Clouds:
    Roof and Lapis Crystal Controler:

    Z: -209

    • Nice. I like when people add back-stories to their entries. :) Unique design and interesting layout. Your old miner needed a wife though, who could help out with the colors and overall scheme of the house. And the cellar could use some serious cleaning!

      • A wife who died years before the miner and still haunts this house today. (now this is best seller material)

        • Wow osf, ths is like Lord of the Rings all over again. How do you do it osf?

  8. contest entry rank settler lot h_21
    x: 537.69
    y: 103.620
    sorry can not get the screen shots to work

  9. I’m going to have a garden/lawn under an overhang and a courtyard in the middle. Will it still qualify?

  10. Uncovery, please note that if you copy it over to the city that you dig down 2 spaces under the fences so you get the redstone torches under the tables and the netherrack in the fire pit.

    Skylands lot: E_9

  11. strapped for time, I don’t think I’ll have time for a screenshot album :(

    x: -614

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