Contest Winner! Or not?

I have made a decision on the contest winner. It’s enickcnln!
No wait. He posted his entry first, so the others had a disadvantage. So it’s Hardcorepuding!
No wait. He always fishes in the central park. So it’s pinebenj!
No wait. He submitted last so he could see what the others were doing.
Ahhh f*ck it.
You guys all win.

I had a hard time on this. The buildings are all great also somewhat similar in the level of detail, quality, variety etc. So I took the easy way out and simply let you all win. So it’s a stack of diamonds and a level up for all three of you!

12 thoughts on “Contest Winner! Or not?

  1. Damn, I lost… Wait what? Oh.. I see now. Three way tie!! I think I mentioned that the other day. Thank you so much Unco!

  2. Oops, I was to caught up in the moment.

    Congrats to PinebenJ and Enickcnln! I think we all had great entries! Great work everyone!

  3. Oh wow!

    Major congrats to all three of you! All amazing entries and all unique in their own way. Very deserving VIPs. So happy for all my *ahem* very important friends!

  4. Thank you, Uncovery, for making the decision to do a three-way tie. :)

    Congratulations Ben and HCP! It was a fun contest.

  5. Yeah, we had our troubles and what not. But in all I had a very fun time building this.

  6. Congrats, guys! I’m sure it was rigged. I know you all sent money to Unc to grease the wheels! LoL!

    What I saw before I left was amazing so I’ll have to check them out when I return (probably Tues now). Now don’t any of you go moving across the continent after getting your VIP! ;-) The boys and I are very eager to play again on Uncovery!

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