VIP Lounge has two floors now!

I expanded the VIP lounge to have two floors now. The prison floor is not needed anymore since we have a dedicated prison building and the cells in the hospital. If a VIP wants to take the time to build a special building for the VIP’s, please go ahead. It has to be something special though! And it has to be secret!

7 thoughts on “VIP Lounge has two floors now!

  1. Ah yes! We should get a vip building! Our throne council room must all be on the same level.

  2. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t have said that… Secret forum brainstorming anyone?

  3. I mean… Disregard that too! There is no secret forum… *waves hand across slowly* These aren’t the VIPs you’re looking for… *waves hand* Move along…

  4. Good idea Unco. To all Vips we should all contribute and talk about this ingame. Only if there was a chat where only vips could talk.

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