New contest: Boat!

Ok, here is the new contest! This summer we are going on a cruise! So build a boat of any kind! Think about the different types there are:

  • Ferries
  • Warships
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing boats
  • Cruise Ships w. Casinos
  • etc


  • No identical entries. If stuff looks to similar only one can win. Please be creative in the type of boat. I do not want to see 10 battle cruisers.
  • 100 length and 30 width max. Smaller is often better. Also if we have too many large boats, we will be limited which to place in the city waters
  • Lowest block has to be at the same height as the water
  • Make a frame at the water level around it that includes all the ship width and length so I can copy it.

Add a comment with your user level and coordinates of the build here. Picture not mandatory but would be nice. Contest deadline is 31st of August.

43 thoughts on “New contest: Boat!

    • No Space ship. No Submarines. No flying, alien stuff. This is a creativity contest within boundaries, not a “how to I break the rules and f*ck with uncovery” contest.

      This reply was courtesy to all the smart guys in chat who tried to argue with me how they apparently misunderstood my original post. I think I will introduce demoting people for being a smart ass in contests.

    • oooh! battleships sounds fun to do…just need a place to put that…

  1. “Lowest block has to be at the same height as the water?” Shouldn’t the boat be floating in the water, not on top?

    • The lowest block has to be the SAME height as the water, not ONE ABOVE the water. So the boat will be sitting in the water, not ON the water, but not have a significant depth below that either since I will have to dig holes otherwise to place the boats.

      Again, more technically explained:

      The upper edge of the lowest block of your boat has to be at the same height as the upper level of the water it will be placed into.

  2. Here is my fine and exceptionally well-made boat which I did NOT discover on my way home in the DorkLands.
    This masterpiece is a magical construction brought to you by the finest builders (me, not darklands, nope, not darklands at all) in the whole Minecraftia!
    As you can see it’s finest details spannin’ from da west to da east (or was it north and south?) made of the finest and rarest materials.
    It will certainly asplode yer eyes as you admire it’s magnificent boaty-ness!
    It may look like it’s not even touchin’ the water, but I can assure you, that it’s jus’ the PURE awesome-ness that makes it look likes it’s floatin’! Either that, or the Laws of Physics are messin’ with us.
    But indeed, it certainly IS the most remarkable, and extraordinary and preciously self-made design of all time, of aaaall time! And It’s not that I jus’ found it in the wilderness and Pluu gave me the idea to trollingly post it in ‘ere as a hularious joke! No….. For that is NAWT the reason, sir, not at all!
    I hereby present to you, the Great Boat of greatly greatness:Titanic IN SPACE!

    • no…..the lowest point of the ship MUST be the same height as the water….it says it clearly in the rules

  3. My noble Ship the U.N.C. Leviathan (U.N.C. stands for Uncovery).

    World Lot z12
    X: -318
    Y: 72
    Z: -1014

    Note- I would have had a picture but I’m having trouble posting it.

  4. I present to you the UNCDF (Uncovery defense forces) Ship Aegis Fate, An old Frigate built to protect Uncovery City in it’s early days, Aegis Fate meaning Doomed to Protect.

  5. heey, unc

    i’ve build a nice ship( it’s called ‘The Duck’)
    lot i19

  6. Okay – then i will take part with my ship – its on Lot_Y7.

  7. Im entering contest. My ship is in Skylands. Lot G_12 Coords are X: 660 Y: 96.62 Z:303.6 F: 3 . i will try to post pictures if i can.

  8. Here is my entry to the contest. It might be a bit late but in my timezone it’s still the 31 august so i hope it’s alright. The boat is supposed to be a trieme as the one shown here.

    The ship have room for a lot of rowers, sadly however the oars have not yet arrived. The boat currently lies in my Skylands lot with the Coordinates X = 888, Y = 44, z = 481.

  9. ok. here’s my settler level entry


    It’s a WWII era Fletcher class Destroyer, built “1:1″ scale. Of course the below decks are not complete, as i had to cut it off at water level, but other than that most of the rooms on the ship represent their real-life counterparts accurately (to some degree) in ship position, furnishing, and function. The rooms are smaller in minecraft since all the walls are at least 3′ thick, and the actual ship’s walls averaged 3/8” thick. The engine and boiler rooms, and captain’s quarters are slightly embellished, and the aft diving room is my own addition.

    I’ll upload an album of screenshots later when my connection isnt horrible, but here’s one for now.

  10. I am submitting the entry of the user KNOWLESADAM. This is NOT my entry. I am just submitting it for him, because he didn’t have time to upload the photos.

    Anyways here is Knowlesadam’s entry.



    Knowlesadam’s rank: Citizen

    A battleship conveniantly placed in the middle of a shipyard, with 8 fully funtional cannons, and 1 mega cannon. This ship also features cabins for the many crewmembers, a kitchen, and a few other surprises that you can uncover(y) for yourself.

    In case anyone didn’t read the first sentence,,,, this is Knowlesadam’s entry.

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