User level Changes incoming!

There will be a change in user levels. Why? Since we are doing more and more contests that advance people to a higher level, we see people advancing very quickly and well deserved to higher levels. However, there should be a difference between people being at a high level because they are building cool stuff and people who have been at the server for a long time AND at the same time show great social skills, maturity and deep involvement with the server and its development. So what will change?

All VIPs will receive a different name. Most likely Master Builder or something similar. We can fiddle with the naming, important thing is that it reflects that the user has proven to be a better builder than Architect. User rights / commands will not change.

There will be a new user level called “Elder”. Same here for the level name, we can change that later. This new userlevel will be more restrictive. This means that all members of this group will have to propose new members to the group and any vote against it will disable that person from joining. Wait for new commands to be given to Elder levels. The initial group of members will be announced later.

Donators will also change. There will be a + as usual for people who donated but only if they donated more than 12USD. For those who donated less there will be a different sign. Wait for new commands to be given to the 12USD+ donators. Since there I am having some difficulties to know who donated what (some people used realnames orĀ  parents emails instead of their actual data for example), please tell me if you think you got the wrong donator level.

2 thoughts on “User level Changes incoming!

  1. Hehe, im upset only because I liked the whole vip group and all the members of it. But at the same time im excited! This is great! New levels, and donater status! Pretty cool stuff! Im looking foward to what ends up changing.

  2. I got the wrong donator level, but no biggie, I donated some more~ xP Keep up the good work, Unc.

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