User levels, permissions and Kingdom finalized!

Ok, so here are the new userlevels. As mentioned before, VIPs became “Masters” which stands for “master builder”. On top of that, here are the other changes:

Elder Level

Elders are a small group of people who prove through their dedication to the server, their maturity and the time they have been around that they deserve this title. Elders can create nations and towns in the Kingdom world. Elders can be only elected if none of the existing elders objects to the candidate being an Elder. It takes quite something to become one, being one also means that you are ready to help the server wherever you can. The process of becoming and Elder has to be started through another Elder proposing a candidate.


If someone donates money to the server, they get a “+” behind their username. If they donate more than 12USD, they get “++” and the right to create towns in the Kingdom and become a mayor.

Chat channels

Please note that the chat channels have changed accordingly. There is now a “m” and a “e” channel for masters and elders. You have to manually /join those channels to talk in there.


The explanation of the system in general is on the Kingdom page as announced before. The page was updated and the system is live. Please refer to the page and read it carefully since it has changed since the original post.

3 thoughts on “User levels, permissions and Kingdom finalized!

  1. *Thumbs up* Awesome work on expanding the server, Unc.

    I did notice, however, that I, as a new Master, have no access to a third or fourth lot.

  2. Wow, what an exciting update! I can’t wait to try it all out!

  3. Good job! Idea: How about more unc’s per vote as your rank goes up?

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