Noble House Winners!

We (finally) have the noble house winners! Sorry that it took so long. I promise the next contest will be done faster!

1st Prizes:

  • Rank Settler: rocky73 -> Level Up!
  • Rank Citizen: Dullahb -> Level Up!
  • Rank Architect: KoolKalang -> Level Up!
  • Ranks Master/Elder: Plutmaster -> errrm? congratz?

2nd Prizes:

  • Rank Settler: Akymma & AlHannibal -> Stack of Diamonds!
  • Rank Citizen: Chpentain -> Stack of Diamonds!
  • Rank Architect: AlbertPuding & HenMeister -> Stack of Diamonds!

Try to catch me online for the rewards! Congratz to everyone! Thanks for participating! This one was a huge addition to our City! Bold names of the 2nd prizes still need to get the reward.

8 thoughts on “Noble House Winners!

  1. Congrats Everyone! (I’m sorry I haven’t been on recently…my current internet connection just can’t handle it.)

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