I am planning to have larger factories in the city, specifically north-west of the tower bridge. We need power plants, refineries, production facilities, warehouses etc.

If you want to build something like that, please inform me. I do not have a limit on the size. I can reserve a space in the city for it, mark it out and you can build directly there with your friends. I will give out rewards for quality finished projects to those who helped with it.

10 thoughts on “Factories!

  1. I think I can help out with that, I have a couple of friends on the server that (I think) can help out too :)

  2. I would be happy to help build one with some other people, i’ve got no other projects (in minecraft)going on right now =)

  3. i would help in the production some nice factory’s:D

  4. I will build a lumber processing plant. This sounds fun.

  5. I wouldn’t mind building a factory. it wouldnt have any specific purpose and would be almost completely decor, but i’d have fun building it.

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