1.8 Prerelease server live!

Mojang released a 1.8 Pre-release! Get it here! I have setup a server at port 25565.

The world of that server will be deleted once the final version is out.

we built basic shelter @ -36 / -23

I also created a map here: http://minecraft.uncovery.net/map/temp.png

If you are a new user there is a high chance that you cannot connect to the 1.8 server. The whiltelist does not update automatically but only on restarting the server.

4 thoughts on “1.8 Prerelease server live!

  1. A couple of my boys were playing the Pre-release last night. It looks interesting. Alas, I was too busy to play last night, and this weekend will be spent out of town. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to check it out in first person before 1.8 hits. I’m sure I’ll have time before our main server updates (while waiting on plugins to be updated).

    Have a good weekend, Uncovery-goers!

  2. I played for a few hours this morning. Awesome! Found some great scenery and an abandoned mine and a dungeon! woo! Found my first Enderman and looked him in the eyes and he just ignored me(!) so I kicked him up the butt… Oops.

    Very much looking forward to the full release and Uncovery 1.8!

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