Upgrade procedure

I wanted to give some info how the upgrade will most likely happen.

  1. I will be on a business trip from Sunday night to Thursday night. That means that I will not have too much time doing things.
  2. On Monday, 1.8 comes out hopefully. The plugins for protection will most likely not work yet. I will therefore install only a vanilla server (like the current pre-release one) with a temporary map which will later be deleted.
  3. I will try to find a map seed that does not have 80% ocean in the area where we want to build. I might be giving creative mode to some people so they can fly and explore the map faster.
  4. Once the protection plugins work. I will move the old maps over to a running 1.8 server. If you want to play on the old maps, you should not upgrade your client before that happens. At that moment I will also remove the temporary map & server.
  5. I will then prepare the new maps that will replace the normal world and the kingdom, the lots on them etc. and make sure all is working properly. Then you will be able to reserve a lot in the new world. To transfer your stuff you can move it either to another lot that you own or also use the shop to do so. Put your stuff for sale at a very high price and take it back out afterwards again. Please note that this is only a temporary permission to do so.
  6. The other plugins that we are currently using will be installed as they are updated. There is a certain risk that stuff like minecarts will not work immediately.
  7. The current ‘world’ will be kept as a showcase and a home for the city, as spawn etc. The new world will be where the lots are. If I ever get super-bored I might start a new world for the city and move it over. Skylands will remain as it is. The kingdom will be regenerated and I will be moving stuff over to the new map.

I have no idea how long it will take to accomplish all of this. I hope it will take only 1-2 days. Depending how long the plugins will take to update and how much time I actually have to work on this, it might take a bit longer though. Please be patient.

14 thoughts on “Upgrade procedure

      • “I will then prepare the new maps that will REPLACE the normal world and the kingdom, the lots on them etc.”


        • we cannot continue running lots in the normal map. new lots will be given out on a new map. see previous posts and my edits in the text above please.

          • Will our only option be to list all of our items in the shop, or can we manually transfer them back-and-fourth?

            It’d be a shame if the shop plugin were to crash or sorts…

            • How would I forbid you to carry stuff? Also you arenot supposed to keep stuff in the shop longer than 10 minutes for something like that. Also, did you read the recent blogposts regarding the update? I feel they would answer all there questions you are asking….

  1. So, if you carry those items you want to keep, you’ll have them on the 1.8 server? :)

    • guys could you please read this here from my previous post??

      – I will write some code that will allow people to abandon their current lot and register on a new one in the new world. This allows for a fast automated process. However there will be no transition time where you can have both lots. If you can find a place where you can deposit resources such as a friends lot, kingdom plot or if you already are allowed to have several lots, you can use that to take along goods by depositing them there before moving to the new lot. I will not compensate anyone because you forgot to take stuff, if your friend took it or whatever.

      I simply stated above that you can ALSO use the shop to transfer stuff. Not to deposit for long term. To transfer within a couple of minutes.

  2. Uncovery,

    It hasn’t been said nearly enough lately. Thank you. Thank you A LOT!

    You are up front and explain a lot about what is going to (probably) happen beforehand and offer everyone the chance to ask questions or suggest other ideas. That’s not an easy task.

    As for everyone else, thank you for continuing to help us grow as a community. That being said, please read all the recent posts about a subject before asking questions as the answers may have already been posted.

    I, for one, am greatly looking forward to exploring the new world and making it our new home. I’ve been messing with a lot of design ideas lately to see how I want to go from here. I’m also excited to see what everyone else will be contributing to our new home!

  3. If you would like to, i would be willing to help you explore the world abit, by giving me creativemode for awhile

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