Upgrade Dilemma – and a decision

We have the following situation now:

  • 1.8.1 is out and reasonably stable
  • Bukkit recommended build is out so plugins can be updated for that.
  • Worldedit/worldguard is also working fine to protect the skylands and the normal world, towny should be ready very soon. Portals also work more or less….
  • 1.9 prerelease is almost public (will come within the next 5 hours)
  • Most of the other plugins are not updated yet. Some of the authors might not even update until 1.9 is out – who knows

So either we keep everything as it is for the normal server at 1.7.3 and continue updating the temp server with 1.9 beta- meaning new world, no plugins

Advantage of this option: stable 1.7.3 environment with all plugins, shops etc.
Disadvantage: You have to choose between an old version and a pre-release. No stable environment for the current 1.8.1 although it works reasonably well


we move the current world to 1.8.1, using only whatever plugins and worlds work and then and generate a new map for the temp server under 1.9

Advantages of second option: Everyone can use the 1.8 features, right now and continue building on stuff in the normal world at least
Disadvantage: Stuff like minecarts, shops and other things wont work for anyone anywhere anymore until the plugins are updated for 1.8.1.

PleaseĀ  note that it is NOT an option to run 3 servers parallel with all 3 versions.

So my decision is to reinstate the temp world on the temp server and then upgrade the 1.7.3 server to 1.8.1 with all plugins that work when I have time tomorrow morning (in 12 hours from now or so). Then i will also upgrade the temp server to 1.9 pre-release so people can fool around with that one if they like.

12 thoughts on “Upgrade Dilemma – and a decision

  1. I would agree. I think upgrading the 1.7.3 world to 1.8.1 would be a great choice, and creating a brand new temp server on 1.9 pre-release would be great as well. And to all of those peeps out there who wants 1.9 pre-release, here ya go: http://t.co/ByDKpDUg

  2. keep 1.7.3, and have the temp 1.9. Seems like less work.

  3. I also think it’d be less work with the first option.

  4. yes it would be. However it would mean that we stick with 1.7.3 for at least 2-3 more weeks until 1.9 is out final and bukkit is out final and the plugins are out then. then, 1.10 will be restarting the cycle. And more people will build in a temp world and then complaining if I do not give 500MB large files for download.

  5. I think we should keep our stable 1.7.3 until all the plugins are ready for at least ONE version of MC XD be it 1.8 or 1.9 or even 1.10. It should only be a few days before all the plugins are ready for 1.8 anyway.

  6. Uncovery,

    I know I say it a lot now, but you’re awesome. I would choose to wait for 1.9 and whatever changes to the environment that will come with it for our real world. Do whatever you want in the temp server. It is, afterall, just temporary. I wouldn’t want you to beat through upgrading to 1.8.1 to find that 1.9 somehow miraculously stabilizes in a couple days, only to do it again next week.

    I support whatever you decide, Unc. Thanks for everything!

  7. Keep 1.7.3 until all the plugins are ready or most are ready. I dont have any clues about the temp server but maybe upgrade it soon or when the final version is ready.

  8. its all good…1.81 1.9 w/e we will work with your decisions.

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