Upgrade status

While some plugins released a 1.8.1 version, some of the most important are not finalized yet. their nightly builds also do not offer the stability I need to run a 1.8.1 server. 1.9 still crashes on me on world creation and therefore we stick with the 1.7.3 & 1.8.1 temp server setup for now. We will see if this improves over the weekend. I can see that many plugins are being worked on, so hopefully this does not take too long.

4 thoughts on “Upgrade status

  1. Shame things can’t be smoother, but thanks for all your work, Unc – we appreciate everything you do!

    I’m not in any hurry to upgrade, anyway – I’m still happy with the 1.7.3 world and it’s not as if it’s become any less fun just because a new version (or two) is out.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

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