Server moved to port 25565

I moved the server to port 25565. There are too many confusions with users connecting to the proper port which are unnecessary. We originally moved to 25564 a year ago since there was no whitelist. We have a whitelist now and therefore can move back to 25565. I am announcing this a bit beforehand so you know what is coming. If you see you cannot connect, please try the other port.

In short: You can connect to uncovery minecraft now by entering “” (w/o a port numnber) into the server field of your minecraft client

7 thoughts on “Server moved to port 25565

  1. Yay!

    So, now that Notch has changed from doing ‘stable’ releases to putting out pre-releases about once a week, as he said in his blog, how and when are we going to create the EMPIRE world? I know it’s been said that bukkit, and therefore most mods won’t be releasing recommended builds for pre-releases.

    Does this mean we won’t be getting anything new for another month, until after MineCon?

      • No, There will be a update before then most likely October 18 then after that will primarily be pre-releases which are mainly to optimise minecraft. There will be 1.9 final on approx October 18, then after that it will be weekly pre-releases and maybe another update 1.10

    • I cannot help it. I will not be able to create a new world until we know that the terrain editor is final and we have a minecraft version that can take it (= bukkit recommended build). Otherwise we have blocks in there that your client does not know, which most likely will crash it.

      Honestly I prefer him doing pre-releases. That way we do not have to upgrade the server every two weeks with all plugins. It’s a f$cking nightmare.

    • I understand, and agree. It’s nice knowing that we don’t have to upgrade our clients that often, either, unless we want to jump into SSP and tool around with the new additions.

      I have two gripes about the current setup. First, I cleared out my lots to move to the new world the first time we were going to (before 1.8) and now I’m just idling in wait for the new, new terrain generator, before getting back into building. My time on Uncovery right now is spent tree-herding, farming, and checking out what others are building, mostly for the tree contest.

      Second, and more importantly, it seems our community has either upgraded and is playing other servers or SSP and isn’t likely to come back until the new world change, or simply because we haven’t upgraded (although remaining stable with mods).

      I know there isn’t anything to do about it right now. Just complaining, really. I’ve been working on build design stuff and redstone ideas in SSP mostly, when I have time to play.

      • I would recommend you to participate building in the kingdom since the world there will not change but only expand.

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