Contest delay

Since I had visitors last week and had to go to Singapore until Tuesday, I did not have time to setup the voting system for the last contest. Sorry about that but I will have to postpone it until next weekend. So the submission deadline will most probably be the 20th unless announced otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Contest delay

  1. Hello Uncovery, I had a question about the frame for copy/pasting required in the submission guidelines. I have a gravel frame sitting on the ground around my submission, but really the ground should be included in the submission. That is, the gravel is at level y=66, on top of the ground which is at level y=65. But I need the ground (y=65) included in my submission for things like ponds and pathways (they are only 1 block deep). Should I move my frame into the ground so that it’s at y=65? Or is that something you can handle easily?


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