5 thoughts on “Temp server updated to RC2!

  1. I haven’t been on in quite a while, one of my friends tried to update my Minecraft single player with mods and now its really buggy. I am not 100% computer literate, but according to him I will be able to come online again when it is updated to 1.9. Do you know when this might happen? Or any way I can fix the files so I can come back sooner? (I would rather play on the original server over the temporary one) Thanks Uncovery! I’ve been missing the amazing community you have created!

    • Backup your worlds, then use the “Force Update” option in the options button when you first launch the application, prior to logging in. This should update you to the 1.8.1 that we’re currently using. Otherwise, Uncovery suggested doing it the manual way of deleting the minecraft folder prior to running, which will, honestly, clean things out moreso by removing unnecessary files.

      Come back to Uncovery, ST!

      • Okay I’m off to bed right now, but I’ll do this tomorrow! I’ll be back soon! :D

  2. Delete your minecraft folder and re-install it. Make a backup of you single player worlds first if you want to keep those.

    There is no way to tell when 1.9 will be out since it is not about MC bein released from Mojang but much rather when the multiplayer plugins will be released some time after that.

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