Lots can be abanoned now!

As mentioned below, we will move to a new map soon, called the “Empire” that will replace the “world” map. You only have a limited amount of lots that you can reserve on the world & empire maps. If you used up all your lots on the “world” map, you need to abandon those first in order to reserve a lot on the “Empire” map. This will be only useful once you can actually reserve a lot on the “Empire” map. If you abandon a lot, your user status will obviously NOT change.

So I wrote a code now that enables you to abandon lots in the “world” map if you want to do so already.Please also note that this will DELETE the lot from the map and will not be available for anyone after that anymore.

Also: There are no “Cancel”, “Undo” or “OMG I fucked up and cannot access my stuff anymore, PLS PLS PLS Uncovery help me” buttons – or acceptable help requests.

Go to abandon your lots!

11 thoughts on “Lots can be abanoned now!

  1. Not that I want to abandon my lots yet (I don’t), but when I go to this form, it tells me I do not own any lots in world to abandon.

  2. even though im going to regret abandoning my lots, i am forcing meself to start fresh. thanks fir fixing it unc.

  3. It says i have 1 lot, but when I try to abandon that lot, it says i tried to abandon a lot I do not own.

    • I have this problem as well, could be a problem with the ++ status?

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