City developments

There are more and more developments in the (new) city:

  • We have a very cozy spawn area now thanks to the elders who built them!
  • I started to copy the biggest sky scrapers over to the western peninsula of the spawn island.
  • I also copied the 4 “educational” building over to the city, north-east of spawn, as a kind of university cluster. I plan to move the stadium somewhere near there, so that items of daily use can be accessed easily.
  • I have started to copy over the first tree house contest areas and scouted for a desert that can hold the pyramid etc.

What needs to be built now is a better access to the areas where contest entries are placed. There is an urgent need for illuminated walkways on the city area so people can find the different places and walk around and into the buildings w/o falling into holes and bumping into trees.

Any help there is appreciated. Also, any support on how to group buildings and where to place them is very helpful. If anyone wants to help with this, please let me know. I essentially need someone to go around the old city, look at the buildings and then mark out areas for each in the new city so I can copy-paste them there.

3 thoughts on “City developments

  1. Its always a pleasure to help the server in any way possible. =D

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