Player paco_taco15 banned

I just banned this user for being abusive, annoying and excessively cursing, despite having received a strong warning from my side and several elders on different occasions in the meantime. He also took the term “help vampire” to another dimension.

If you wander what happens next, please read the ban rules.

12 thoughts on “Player paco_taco15 banned

  1. It’s unfortunate to lose a member of our community under any circumstance. In this case however, I have to admit I am not too upset to see him go – he was the summation of what we are not looking for in a user: constant begging, unchecked profanity, unwillingness or inability to listen to elders, desire to push and break the rules, and a general lack of respect for his fellow players. Goodbye paco!

  2. Well said, luklukk. As forgiving as I usually am, I’m not surprised that he wore down everyone’s nerves and good graces so quickly.

    @paco – Good luck in your minecrafting, I hope you find a place where you fit. It seems Uncovery was not that place.

  3. As always, I’m shocked at how well spoken an ewok can be! luklukk would definitely be that ewok with glasses and a British accent.

  4. Normally I’m a little sad to see people go, however I don’t quite miss Paco as much as some other people.

  5. Quite honestly, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I personally gave him several warnings myself, and he didn’t seem to listen. So, farewell paco taco. I tried. :\

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