4 thoughts on “New contest: Town houses!

  1. How strict is the middle/lower class requirement? I found a few very expensive looking townhouses on google, and am interested in doing something more along those lines.

  2. Skillet told us that we (many of us) have oriented our townhouses the wrong way. We have aligned them according to the “new” directions. That is, our narrow ends face the direction that the sun rises and sets. Is this wrong?

    If so, perhaps we could have a clarification added to the rules and/or the site FAQ so that we all know whether we are using the old n/s/e/w (as on the 2d maps and for minecart mania) or whether we are using the new ones (that Notch “fixed” back in October?)

    • On this server, since always, North is where the clouds go. I will have to fix that eventually. However currently, north is where the clouds (and since 1.0 also the sun) go.

      HOWEVER – and that is what I told skillet very clearly – there is no direct need to turn your houses now. I will figure out how to deal with this issue once I know how many submission we get and how large the new city area will be. If we get a lot, we might as well need some pointing in the other direction. If we have only 5 or so, we need them all in the same direction.

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