Soulsand45 is banned!

Soulsand45 was just banned. He stole a massive amount of XP from players killing the ender dragon and afterwards received a warning from my side that could not be clearer.

He then again camped on an ender dragon fight and was told several times by an elder to leave the scene but failed to do so. Therefore the ban now.

8 thoughts on “Soulsand45 is banned!

  1. Just met him for the first time yesterday and now he’s banned.. Anyways, did the people who lost their exp get refunded?

  2. For some reason he really wanted to give me minecarts yesterday….i just went with it.

    • Yeah, uncovery, why is he banned? Maybe you should explain why above.

      • Exactly, there was nothing explained above stating why he was banned.

        • Wait, what? Soundsand45 was banned? Why wasn’t there some sort of announcement?

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