Back from Holidays!

I am back from an amazing diving holiday. I took all in all about 2000 photos, out of which 1000 were deleted (it’s not that easy to take pictures underwater, often the animals are faster than you etc) and about 140 made it into the category “memorable” and out of those about 15 were good enough to put them on a website. If anyone interested in those pictures, please see here.

Regarding future plans for the server, I will be upgrading to the latest 1.1 recommended build and check for plugin updates along with that. Also, I will be closing the contest in time and announcing a new one. If you have preferences and/or ideas, please comment.

8 thoughts on “Back from Holidays!

  1. Welcome home! Great pictures! All the moray’s look so funny with their mouths open.

  2. Welcome back. Nice photo’s. Hope you had a good time.

  3. Bloody good photos mate.

    Looks like you had a great time if those shots are anything to go by :)

  4. Tremendous photos! I love the crab, shrimps, and especially the giant clam. Great colors! Happy to see them so soon after returning!

  5. Wow, beautiful photos! And welcome back :D I can see you had a fun vacation. :)

  6. Awesome photos Uncovery! I hope you had fun on your vacation!

    In terms of the next contest, I think it would be cool if the theme was something factory related. I believe that having several production lines for the city would make this server even more immersive. (:

  7. Welcome back Uncovery! The photos are excellent and look so professional! Hope you had an amazing time. Good to have you back.

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