Plans for future world biome & ore updates

I have been thinking a lot how to deal with future world generator updates. We all know the issue: Minecraft updates the world generator, and the map is messed up beyond recognition once I regenerate an abandoned lot. Biomes change, snow in deserts, weird cliffs & breaks in the landscape, and still old lots do not have the new resources.

Now one significant thing has changed. Since the latest updates, I can regenerate a section of a map, even when the world generation method has changed and still there will be none of the new biomes and chunk breaks.It will look just like if the new workd generator never happened.

Why is this good? Because I can now regenerate old lots and not get disrupted landscapes.

Why is this bad? We will not get new biomes and ores in the empire.

But there is a solution to this: I will bring back an older idea we had on the server, however with a twist: The darklands! Now before those who knew the old darklands get all excited, read how this will work:

I will create another world called “darklands”, limited in size (just like the empire), with lots, 128×128 large and everyone will get at least one of those lots. Maybe higher levels can get more of them, I will have to see about that. The moment however a new biome or other feature comes out that is available only in new worlds, I will DELETE the whole world “darklands”, including all lots, chests, builds, etc. Then I will recreate a new map and new lots, and everyone will be able to choose again a lot from the newly created darklands in a biome they like.

Why this? Well, it is basically the only way people will have a chance to mine new ores & woods, get to see new biomes without having to move their whole lot to a new world like we did when 1.1 came out. And without having an additional world every time a new biome is created.

The darklands will be a mining-only world, and all you build there is made to be lost – probably every 3-6 months or so, depending how often a new biome, landscape form, ore or tree will be out.

Why is it called darklands? It will be impossible to use fire, lava or torches there. You will be only able to light up the place by using lightstone from the nether. It is supposed to be hard – an adventure.

Opinions about this are welcome.

13 thoughts on “Plans for future world biome & ore updates

  1. I think this is my favorite announcement in a long time.

    The darklands were a fantastic feature, and i thoroughly support its reinstatement. The use of them as a medium to ensure ongoing resources and access to new content is a very clever solution to an ongoing problem.

    +500 points to Uncovery.

  2. As we discussed, I think this is a really clever idea to overcome limited resources, as well as updates to the game. Great idea, Unc!

  3. Hey Unc, any thoughts on using Towny for the lot protections in this new, awesomer Darklands? I’m guessing you considered it, but I was curious about what you thought about it.

    • Well towny is perfect for team-building and larger groups and larger projects. I was of the opinion that lots is the better way to go for most people if it is just for mining.

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