Changing the Portal System

Unfortunately, the currently used portal system, XCraftGate is abandoned and now so outdated that it prevents me from updating other parts of the server w/o breaking something.

I hope to be able to find another easy and compact portal plugin, so far it seems that there is no such thing.

On top of that, the current portal system is also running the multiple worlds we are using. This means that I have to change two things at the same time. While you do not care what system is running the multiple worlds, you will care if the portals stop working.

So here is the solution. First of all, I will stop all the portals. Instead, we will be temporarily use the /warp command. I created a /warp point for every existing portal. Please use the /spawn command to go back instead of going through a portal back to spawn. Use /warp by itself to see all warp points.

I will also replace the world management and hope that there will be as little interruption as possible.

3 thoughts on “Changing the Portal System

  1. Ouch. And Thank you. It’s a pain, we know, but we do appreciate all the work you, obviously, put into all of this! Let me know anytime you need help.

  2. It does seem a shame that many of these mods are made incompatible by updates of minecraft. You do a great job managing what seems to be an ever changing landscape on the mod and server management scene.

    • well it’s normal that a system changes over time. the plugins have actually been abandoned by the authors and were running sometimes more than 6 months without issues before stuff started breaking.

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