4 thoughts on “Townhouses moved and ready for rating!

  1. Anybody rating my entry, please bear in mind that it’s missing all the pictures, beds and some torches – so yes, it looks empty and boring. I couldn’t put those things back in myself and I gave up asking for help from people with permission – all my requests for assistance fell on deaf ears.

    Ah, who cares. The winner will be somebody who built something huge, complicated and absolutely nothing like actual English townhouses.

    Sorry… feeling a bit discouraged.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I gave you editing rights in the area now so you can go there and edit yourself. Please tell me when you are finished.

    • Umm… sorry about the negative post! Not having a fun day at work (yeah, poor excuse – I know).

      Anyway, thanks Unc – I’ve fixed it up and it’s now looking more like I originally intended. Feel free to remove edit rights again. At least it’s not letting the city down too much now!

      I hope anybody who has already marked my entry really low gets a chance to look at it again, even if you can’t change your votes. Having said that, the mark might still be relevant – I can’t claim that it’s the world’s most innovative entry.

  3. Fingermouse I will look at it sometime today. I havn’t marked it yet :). Also don’t feel discouraged. I too have lost my fair share of contests. It feels like crap, but eventually you will pull through.

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