Maps rotated!

Please note that I have now redone all the maps and they now point in the right direction, including the lot locations for both worlguard regions and towny lots. So the sun now rises in the east and sets in the west.

There is now also a command /compass which will tell you where you are looking. The questionnaires for settlers etc are now also updated. If you find anything that is still wrong, please let me know.

The only glitch is that the lot A1 is now in the south-west instead of the north-west but I guess we can live with that.

4 thoughts on “Maps rotated!

  1. It seems to have rotated the map image and the grid locations correctly, but the player locations seem to have been rotated in the wrong direction.

  2. It looks like the skylands map rotated the lots and names, but the picture didnt rotate.

    • No everything fine here, you might want to reload? The old world was still the wrong way around though. Fixing that now.

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