Virtualshop broken – new shop under construction

The old “virtualshop” plugin is now finally broken and abandoned. I will delete the plugin today. What does this mean for your shop contents? You can still get them at a later time since I wrote a function that allows this. However, selling and buying will not be able until I finished programming a new shop. I recommend that you get your stuff out of the shop but if you cannot, I will transfer leftovers to the new shop once it is ready for stuff to be bought.

If you cancel your old items out of the shop, empty your inventory and then please use the following command while in the empire world:

/ws list

This will show you a list of the items you have in the shop. Note down the ID of the item. Then use

/ws cancel <itemid> <amount>

Replace in the above the previously noted item text and insert the amount you want to have back. You will then receive the items and the transaction records are updated. If you do not enter the amount, the maximum possible amount will be given to you.
ATTENTION: This function has a security built in to give you no more than 2000 items at a time. HOWEVER if you cancel an amount of items that does not fit in your inventory, the excess amount will be LOST. So be careful not to take too much.