What’s next?

Since I can program plugins (with limited functionality, but still) now, I want to expand the virtualshop system to more functions. What will be next?

  • first of all allow enchanted items to be traded. I am waiting here for another bugfix of the websend plugin. If all goes well, this should work within 24 hours.
  • next, a deposit system to “mail” goods. You will be able to deposit things for a specific user and pay a transaction fee (to be determined). Either the sender or the receiver can pay this fee. There can be also notifications once a user logs in that a package is waiting for him. This will be also useful to hand out rewards for contests.
  • next a buy request system. This will basically allow you to place a purchase request. You determine an amount of goods that you are looking for and a price you are willing to pay for it, and others can fill the request in part or full. You will have to pay the money already when placing the request and the fulfilling user will receive it instantly upon depositing the goods. You can then withdraw the goods any time.

I do not know until when I will be able to finish these things but since the basic framework already exists in the shop it should not be too difficult. Additional ideas are welcome.