BinkyDude and AmortusR banned.

I just banned BinkyDude and AmortusR. After they griefed my office yesterday and stole stuff out of it, I tried to not overreact and did not do anything right away. I slept over it and also read the logs. The conclusion is that they griefed intentionally and with the goal of removing items from my office. So it’s a ban.

Additional note for understanding: They exploited a minecraft bug to get a dragon egg out of my office. After it succeeded once, they went on to get all 4. If someone had tried something once to prove a concept, told me about it and left it at that, it would have been a different story. But to go on for another 3 times is enough to make me ban even donators and architects from the server.

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  1. It is very sad to see these two go. But you do not grief what so ever, and ESPECIALLY the owner of the server. I’m sorry to see these two go. But this will set an example to anybody that tries to grief/annoy Unc again.

  2. It is indeed sad to see Binky and Amort get banned. Its very surprising that higher ranked players like them would do such a thing.

    Uncovery, if you would like, you can use the tower I designed. Its very based on your old one, and it might help keep some intruders away. With some small tweaks and fixes, it would be a perfect match.

    Feel free to check it out:
    x: 244
    y: 68
    z: 615

  3. Okay if it was that serious I’m sorry. I didn’t know it would be that bad. I wanted to see something (it worked), but I didn’t see this coming. I would do anything that I could to regain your trust (I don’t see it happening though).

    • Oh and I did it once to test it. I don’t know about Binky though.

      • You literally told me “break the glass and right click” and so I did.. :I

          • I didn’t think he would do it. But I just want to say that I was an idiot and if it weren’t for me this wouldn’t have happened. I don’t blame binky for his actions. But I feel like I’m getting him in trouble for something I did.

    • Plus sometimes because of my ADHD (I take a pill but it probably may have not kicked in yet) I act before I think.

      • You went there, saw the egg and took it. Then you encouraged other people to do the same. If that is ADHD, I need to read up again what that is. But I am pretty sure if that is caused by ADHD, there is no pill to prevent it.

        • The pill helps me concentrate and think before I act. And I didn’t encourage them I just told them. I didn’t think it would happen.

  4. Regardless of what you two stole and who it was from, stealing is stealing, end of story.

    From the rules tab:
    “Do not use exploits, abuse bugs, client-side scripts, automation or whatever else.”

  5. I’ll miss you guys. It was a pleasure getting to know you Binky and Amort. Best of luck in future MC endeavors. :)

  6. Sad to see them go, although I think it has always been obvious never to enter Uncovery’s office, even when it was just a room inside the city, it was pretty obvious that you were not supposed to enter it.

  7. Goodbye, cruel world! Oh well. Sorry Unco, but yeah, I kinda had it coming. Thanks for the great times I’ve had! <:)

  8. Now who is going to sell me melonslices o.0

    Will miss you bink, amort. Have a great one guys. Sorry to see you go.

  9. Ahhhh no :( I was really counting on finishing that ocean-draining project with you, Binky!
    It’s sad that you and Amort are gone now, but . . . Why’d you do it? You had it coming!
    Not trying to be dramatic or anything. If I start a huge argument or something, I send my apologies just in case. :)
    It was nice knowing you two! Have a good one! ~:D (long comment is long)

    • I think me getting banned lies mostly in the “LOL I GOT A DRAGON EGG” part.. It just laid on the ground! :/

      • What got my ultimate attention was your greed. You shouted “who wants to buy a dragon egg?”.

        • That was just plain stupid. Still I should have know better… (from now on if I comment just assume there is a sorry in it if I don’t write it)

        • That was a joke. And if I’m correct, the next thing I said was ‘XD’

          • But you knew it was wrong! It’s not right to just go into the owner’s office without permission, much less steal stuff from it.
            Although a dragon egg is replaceable, it’s not very nice to steal one.
            I hope you find some other enjoyable servers on Minecraft, if it helps. :P I’ve got 3 on hand.

            • I didn’t stole it. I found a dragon item egg on the ground under the tower.

              • This thread is getting ridiculous. Hitting an object that then auto-teleports and picking it up from where it lands is pretty much the same as picking it up where it was in the first place. And you had 2 of them in your inventory. Besides that, the main point is that the eggs were removed from my office, all four of them. by abusing the bug that the software does not protect from initiating the auto-teleport function. Which is griefing, and abusing bugs. That’s were the ban comes from. Everything else that happened is only anecdotal stuff.

                I will close this thread now. You guys are banned. I said often enough there will be no discussions about bans, and i made the mistake in participating here. Comments are closed now.

  10. Later guys, wishing you all the best in future. It’s sorry it had to come to this.

    But Uncovery, as always, is just. He laid down the law, in writing. Explicitly, with examples. We all know where to find it. We remind every n00b where to find it.

    I would really, REALLY like to remind everyone of something. Even if you do something “naughty, but *not* breaking the rules, probably”, its just one more entry into the long list of B.S. and work Unc has to deal with. We all know how much he already has on his mind. Some days I wonder how he can stay sane.

    Enjoy the great community here.
    Play the game we love, the way we all KNOW we should..
    … Or GTFO. }:-|

  11. It’s a damn shame to see you two go, you are really nice guys, but rules are rules, and i guess that’s that. All the best guys =)

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