5 thoughts on “Story “Sand Storms” finished!

  1. This was an excellent way to explore the server! I thoroughly enjoyed this story.
    One thing I would like to point out though is that when I got the boat I did not have permission to put the boat on the water. I had to swim across the river. Nothing huge, just a note.

  2. Amusing and creative Story connected with a tour. Nice builds you got there.

  3. i know this post is about 5 months outdated but i just finished it and it was really fun theres something ontop of the pryamid however and i dont know if you know about it yet uncovery but you might want to look at it

  4. Waaay down the road it’s still a fun story! However, there is a bug with “turning pages” in the story. Luckily I found the next story sign not too far away! Awesome! Thanks for putting it together!

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