1.2 update – what to do – what will happen

It was announced today that the version 1.2 will come out this week. What does this mean?

It means that your Minecraft client will ask you to update. Please know that doing so will disable you from playing on Uncovery for now. Of course you want to try it out. So you can install this jar switcher BEFORE the update comes to switch between two versions of minecraft. Make sure you backup your minecraft folder before installing the switcher or updating minecraft.

When 1.2 comes out, it will take some time until the server can be updated. We will have to wait until all plugins are updated, too. Then I will update the server, and along with that create a new darklands world, and reset all the lots in the darklands so you will have to get a new one. This is so people have a fair chance of getting a lot in the biome they like. First come, first serve.

Also, the building height will double. This means that all the ground will stay around 64 height, but instead of only building 64 blocks up from there, you will be able to build more than 180 blocks up! This goes for all worlds except the nether (as far as i know).


One thought on “1.2 update – what to do – what will happen

  1. can’t wait! :D thanks for the link to the jar switcher. I didn’t know that this program existed… very useful! This should allow everyone to explore 1.2 on single player and then go back to 1.1 on the server while we wait for updates. :D

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