Temp 1.2 server on port 25564

I installed a TEMPORARY 1.2 server on port 25564.

There was a bug with the server. I reinstalled it, please check if it works now and comment if it crashes. Please note that I am running the Carftbukkit developer releases. There are bound to be bugs. As of this writing for example, plants do not grow and mobs do not spawn except for mob spawners. I will try to update it as new versions come out.

Here are the rules:

  • Once I upgrade the main server to 1.2, the map will be deleted. I am not kidding. Do not ask for it or parts to me kept. Depending on how long it takes until I can upgrade, I might delete the map earlier and create a new one. Specially if there are relevant bug fixes for 1.2 out.
  • PvP is off, protection is off. I do not want to hear complaints about griefing. I cannot prevent it. If you don’t like griefers, play on the 1.1 server.
  • Whitelist is ON. If you just registered, you cannot join however, since the whitelist only updates on a server restart (1.2 issue). And the server does not automatically restart either.

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