Please test enchantments in shop & deposit

I have now implemented enchantments in the shop and the deposit function. To make sure no valuable stuff gets lost, I ask you to test it as much as you can. Enchant some wooden stuff or cheap armor, also damaged stuff etc and please tell me if something goes wrong!

3 thoughts on “Please test enchantments in shop & deposit

  1. Tok and I exchanged an enchanted pick back and forth. Seemed to work fine, although in the text when purchasing and when someone purchased from us… it says “1 left in stock!” at the end, which was not the case. Everything else seems to be kosher!

  2. Ok, just tried to sell an iron pick (undamaged, Unbreaking 2, Efficiency 2) and it listed as 78.88% damaged. When I cancelled it, it cancelled from the shop, but I never received the item back. Perhaps this was similar to the “better than 100%” pick and axes issue we had a month ago when we were first testing out the /ws.

    • It was listed as damage -53 in the database.
      So there are two issues here: – a non-damaged item got listed as damaged and then not checked out….
      It seems I have to make a very detailed logging mechanism here….

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