New voting mechanism proposal

I changed the process for contests now. First, they are open for submissions, then open for voting, then they are closed. This will prevent people voting before all entries are submitted or after the contest is closed which was possible before. I will therefore announce a week of voting after a contest is stopped from allowing submissions.

Further, I am proposing an expansion of the people who can vote and introduce weighted voting instead. So Architects, Masters, Elders and myself can vote with the following weights:

  • Owner: 1.5
  • Elders: 1
  • Masters: 0.5
  • Architects: 0.3

This weighting is currently only a draft and I am happy for suggestions.

4 thoughts on “New voting mechanism proposal

  1. I would suggest having Architects as 1 vote (just to use simple numbers and it looks better), Masters 2 votes, Elders 3 votes and the Owner as much votes as he wants since it is his server (More because competitions are his decision at the end of the day) but maybe 5.

  2. As we discussed before, I like the idea, Unc. I think weighing them as you proposed is an excellent idea (and since computers are pretty good with numbers, use whichever system you want regardless of how it’s measured since we want to dissuade any sort of vote bartering).

    I would also caution that we define a set period for voting (4 days, 7 days, etc.) so that people will know what to expect, even if it’s defined by your schedule and set at the end of the submission period.

  3. I like it. Definitely agree on the voting window as lva suggested.

    I think everyone will have more fun with the builds if we’re engaged in voting, because there will be more incentive for players with a vote to take the time and actually visit the builds. I tend to do it anyway, but I’d look closer if I had a vote. :)

  4. Let’s say Elders represent, oh, 1% of the uncovery population. Completely objectively and impartially, I don’t like the idea of power being taken from the 1% and given to the 99%.

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