Server upgraded!

i have upgraded the server! What does not work?

  • The end. There is a bug for sharing XP between the normal world and the end. You could go and fight the dragon, but not take XP home. So I blocked the entrance for now.
  • The 2D Maps. The renderer that I used for the 2D maps has not been updated for 1.2.4. That means that all maps are outdated, specially the darklands. The 3D map however now shows the lots too. I am searching for a better solution. If you know a map render software that does 1.2.4 maps in 2D and in one single file, not a google map, please let me know.
  • Check if your inventory is there, including armor. If not, I am unfortunately not able to do anything about it, but I hope there are no issues for most of the people
  • Minecart Mania
  • Towny

I installed basically all plugins now except for Towny and Minecart Mania. Please tell me if you see anything else missing.


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