Recent & future developments

I wanted to give an update quickly on what’s brewing and what’s cooked. Please think about these topics and give me your opinions.

  • MC 1.2.5 is out. I will update the server as soon as all the plugins confirm that there is no issue.Delays here should not affect us too much since 1.2.5 and 1.2.4 are cross-compatible.
  • I am still not firm on the future of the kingdom. However, the current map should disappear sooner or later (April/May). I might generate a smaller map (1000×1000 for example) for community builds.
  • If you still have a lot in the old world, please consider moving them to the empire. If you do not want it anymore, please abandon it.
  • I am also wondering if the flatlands is the most needed thing on the server. If you have a flatlands lot, please tell me what you think about it. If I would close it, flatlands users would get an empire lot. No decision/schedule yet.
  • It seems that we can install portals again. I will most probably install them only to get from world to world, and use warps within the city.
  • There is a new minecart plugin, which works however a bit different from minecart mania. The biggest change is that a minecart spawner is now a sign instead of a block. This means we would have to update all stations. All other stuff seems to work similar however. Please see here. I will install this within the next two weeks.

12 thoughts on “Recent & future developments

  1. I haven’t been able to check up on 1.2.5. But does the darklands need tO be reset?

  2. I Didn’t know if there was new block changes and what not.

    • Ah nah, there are only minor bugfixes. if there were new blocks or so there would be no 1.2.4/1.2.5 cross compatibility

  3. Hey, About Flatlands, I don’t know about others, but personally, I like it. I’m not super-good at building when it comes to survival, and creative lets me build things that are fun. Please, keep it.

  4. I do not have a flatlands lot, so I don’t know how viable my opinion is; however i do think it is a good way to provide users who aren’t too fond with survival with an alternative option. I’d say keep it.

  5. I am very fond of my flatlands lot as it allows me to plan builds in survival without logging off to test them on single player and also to make structures or things that use a lot of materials that I dont have the time to collect in survival.

  6. Regarding flatlands, I primarily use it for testing out various redstone configurations, block and material arrangements, so I can do it without going to single player, and also because it’s easier to share with others that way. I’d almost say just have a small, free-build flatlands for community use, but that would get really messy really quickly, I think.

    However, the map could probably be a lot smaller, and the lots smaller too. We don’t really place a lot of stock in creative builds on this server, our focus is survival, so it’s kind of sad to see folks building awesome stuff in creative when it doesn’t really count for anything. Just my opinion, of course. :)

    • I’m sure many of us remember the ‘public area’ we had in the world world way back. Maybe reimplementing that into the Flatlands would be a good idea? Just a thought.

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  7. I LOVE FLATLANDS, I am planning a large build on it so please keep it. Best place for planning it

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