Kingdom & Darklands Merger?

This is NOT a decision but a discussion. People who start panicking about consequences at this moment will be shot or something like that.

After discussing with some people I thought it would be good to merge the kingdom and the darklands. This would mean that the darklands lots would disappear, I would reset the whole map to start off clean and install towny on it. This would allow people to use it just as the kingdom. Now here are the hard consequences out of that:

  • Getting a darklands space would cost money. I am not sure how much it will be, but something like 50 uncs per plot or so. A standard plot is 16×16 only.
  • the darklands would still have to be reset after a minecraft update to benefit from the new biomes, materials etc. So it would not be something where you create amazing builds. I would be happy to accept builds from there for contests or if you manage to finish something great before the map is reset, I can copy them to the city.
  • The darklands could be endless in size, but would not be backed up then OR be limited and be included in the backups.

I would be happy to hear opinions on this.

15 thoughts on “Kingdom & Darklands Merger?

  1. Great idea! Would there be PvP? Would there be light finally? I’m just wondering what kind of ideas you took from my suggestion.

    • pvp… probably not. light? dunno… probably also not. I like to have some challenges in the game.
      And i do not remember anymore who proposed what to be honest.

  2. I liked the original dark-lands where you could just walk around and gather whatever from where ever. It reintroduced the exploration element that’s so wonderful in minecraft.

    If you can’t grab something cool, or make a random fort in the wilderness, there’s little reason to explore.

    I have no idea how feasible this would be on a technical level, or if it’s even a good idea. Is it possible to give an elder permissions to define a lot in the dark-lands? That way, if a group of people want to collaborate, they can just do it.

    >:-D Also, we should add more power to the hands of elders! Powers to crush our foes! Powers to silence naysayers! (oh we have that one, cool!) No, but seriously. Good job on all the updates lately! Uncovery and Azkedar are really kicking butt!

  3. I think that sounds awesome for the most part. The only thing that bugs me is the timing of the map resets in number 2. I think it can still be a place for awesome builds, as long as those builds don’t take half a year to complete. Could we do a system where we schedule the next darklands reset, and we do at the pre-defined time whether the terrain gen is updated or not? Say maybe every 60 days? That way we could build in relative safety, knowing when the world will be wiped. Also it would allow resources to be gathered from fresh.

    To me, this is the most difficult part. Balancing the desire for a place to do collaborative builds with the desire to have access to new map generation features quickly. We never even know when or if the newer version will include updates to the terrain generation. It’s a difficult problem.

    Another suggestion: Perhaps we should not limit who can start towns by donator status. Perhaps by rank, say Citizens and up or something.

  4. Sockso, what you are describing could be possible if we decided to -allow- building/destruction in the Wilderness by default. Then only towns that are claimed would be protected from outsiders. That could be a good idea.

    • Now that sounds interesting, a user managed build protection :3 Even cooler if we could make it so torches and such were only available inside protected towns! It would give the feel of darklands without the threat of greifing.

  5. I like:
    The set time for reset idea.
    The open build/destroy wilderness.
    Having towny available.
    Torches in towny, if that works.

  6. How about a center area, say 500×500 or something (adjustable), where it’s all protected “Kingdom” with Towny and torches and cooperative builds. This area can be done so it is similar to the original Kingdom as well. But, you can venture as far as you like outside of this central area. Just like the original version of the Darklands that we all came to love with infinite exploring. With no torches.

  7. I would have to agree with the ideas that have come together, I love the idea of the free roam and the ability to go out into the ‘wild’ and find what you need. So my vote would be in favor of:

    A free unprotected darklands
    Towny available, with build restrictions for claimed areas
    Torches ONLY in towny protected areas (if possible, this preserves the feeling of ‘roughing it’ outside the towns)
    A set time for resets, I would assume shorter would be better, perhaps 60 days or even 45 for each reset. It would give a defined time to plan for, as well as some pressure for builds being worked on. Also a shorter time limit would leave us with less wait time for new content.

  8. I think i would enjoy the Towny idea with the used-to-be grab and go darklands. Pvp i wouldn’t really like seeing on this server because its mainly for building and the hunger games have pvp anyways making it special in its own way. It would make it safe for new towns and good for the outsiders to get resources without harming the builds.

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