Kingdom closed! Combine Darklands & Towny next?

The kingdom was now closed for good. I removed the map and the wrap points leading to it.
The next step will be to finish a plan for the darklands as discussed earlier. I have a couple of things in my head on how to go forward and probably do those over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Kingdom closed! Combine Darklands & Towny next?

  1. In my opinion, the towny and the darklands shouldn’t be merged. It just seems a little pointless to divide the map into smaller lots and make players pay for them, while right now we can just apply for free lots. Moreover, most of the darklands lots are either quickly abandened or not taken, so making an infinite map is also a little pointless.

    I believe we either should just leave darklands as it is, or bring back the original version. Where the map is infinite and there are no lots. However, maybe this time we should be allowed to teleport home :) ; walking thousands of blocks is a little too much.

    • Kddk, maybe you should familiarize yourself with the “plan for the darklands as discussed earlier,” because your objections don’t really make much sense in the context of that plan. It’s like you just read “Towny + Darklands” and came to your own conclusions. :)

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