Large Biomes – the new Darklands?

There is a new snapshot for MC out, that features a new world type with  “large biomes”. Here is a picture of what that means. I wonder if that would be a good idea for the daklands, if we expand the borders accordingly. Currently the darklands are about 2500×2500 blocks large, maybe 3k or 4k would be better in that case.

Of course this would come only in effect after the next version of minecraft is released.


17 thoughts on “Large Biomes – the new Darklands?

  1. This sounds awesome! As long as it wouldn’t be a huge lag issue (which it doesn’t seem like it would be) then let’s do it!

    • The only lag I ever experience is inside the nether, but it is unlimited. It doesn’t help that there’s lava flowing all over and I have far rendering on though :) I don’t think a larger darklands would be a lag issue. I already switch between empire, skylands, and darklands without a problem (by switch I mean I have a /home set in each and I frequently move between them).

  2. I like it. I thought the darklands would be wiped after each MC update though? If so you wouldn’t have to expand the current setup.

    • I think Unc is just saying we’d make it bigger to be sure of getting a good sampling of biomes in the area allowed.

      • Yes, they are wiped. And yes, we need (possibly) a larger size to have all biomes in there. And to give more the feeling of a larger country.

  3. I mean, it would be cool in all, but would it make a difference to the Darklands? Basically all it will do is make larger biomes, obviously. I guess I just don’t really see the point. I think it would best fit in the empire world, but of course we know how much of a hassle that would be.

    • Having it in the empire does not make so much sense IMHO. People would have less diversity within a lot. I think this diversity is good so people do not have such a hard choice finding a place.

      I would like to have it in the Darklands to have a different look and feel between the worlds. I also think it would be interesting to have a larger, harsher environment in a dangerous place. If you have to hike through 1000 blocks of desert until you find a tree it would be more interesting/challenging than stumbling through 3 types of biomes every 200 blocks.

      • Yes to every bit of that second paragraph.

        The ‘free roam’ Darklands are amazing as it is, with these changes….its just multiplying a good thing. And it will really feel like minecraft roughing it :P

  4. Sounds good. Could you give us a little warning before restarting the darklands so we can gather our valuables?

    • Will do. However please consider that this will happen with the next upgrade. So once the new version is out, you can start cleaning up.

  5. I’m not certain that the darklands is fulfilling the community building experience. A few people joined the wonderful world of mushroom spreading, but they’re also afraid that their works will be destroyed. So they’re hesitant to build anything great.

    Kingdoms stagnated, but now that we have more people on, maybe there’s more demand for community building.

    • Well we have to decide what the darklands are for. If we want to have refreshing resources and new features of new versions, we will have to reset the world.

      • I agree. Then maybe we should move the towny to it’s own world? Just brain storming more. :-)

        • Please open a card in the issue tracker (see help menu). We can there discuss all the pro & con more organized than here.

          • I think that is a great idea. I want to get a town but I know it is a waist. 500 Uncas and the it will be reset.

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