Castle Tower – Master & Elder rooms

I added a new tower to my castle. It has a spiral of many side-towers that circle the building. There a 3 starting on each floor, reaching to the next floor. 1 of them houses the staircase to the next floor, the 2 others are empty. I would like to invite all Master and Elder level users to come and decorate one of them. Here are the building guidelines:

  • You can make the entrance smaller and fit a door.  Otherwise please do not make too dramatic changes to the structure. If in doubt, ask me. If it looks cool and fits the overall tower, I am happy to discuss.
  • Please do not use glow stone
  • You can put anything inside. Redstone machinery, living quarters, a safebox – anything goes
  • Please put your name on a sign outside located similar to the floor number sign.
  • Do not use the ground floor or top floor rooms.


7 thoughts on “Castle Tower – Master & Elder rooms

  1. Well since no one seemed to claim it yet, I took the penthouse suite, or the very top floor. :)
    HCP~Stay fresh~

    • HCP if you do not start reading the stuff properly, I will simply, sooner or later, demote or even ban you. You were not supposed to take the whole floor. Only one of the many side-towers. It is clearly indicated above.

      I know this warning might seem overblown to many, but I am sure that those who have seen the past episodes of HCP half-reading stuff know that this is not an exception but the rule. I do not see why I have to send you back to the website to re-read it for EVERYTHING you take off it – and run behind you to clean your stuff up.

      I will not even remove what you build. I expect you to do that within the next hours. That includes the half-finished stuff you did on the top floor, which was also out of bounds by the above rules.

      HCP: last warning.

  2. By the way, if there is no glowstone usage. I would imagine that applies to glowstone lamps?

  3. Maybe someday I can make a room!!! or not….. LOL really cool though

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