Voting system adjusted

I re-wrote the way enchanted items are won in the lottery. You now have a 8% chance to win 1 item with 1 enchantment of a random level (1-max). So no more multiple enchantments. But you can win ANY enchantable item and ANY single enchantment that is possible for that item.

In the future, I plan to enhance it so that you can get on top of that a chance for multiple enchantments per item. Due to the fact that you can combine only certain enchantments on certain items, this is not so easy to do, so it is postponed for now.

Yes, this disables winning a super-enchanted item, but as a compensation the chance is now 8% instead of 3%, and the variety is much bigger.

It should now also be impossible to win snow golem eggs since they do not work anyhow. If you still get one, please let me know.