Flatlands Users, please read!

After much discussion has been done in various places, I came to the following conclusion:

In order to allow flatlands users to rank up & be recognized for their work, we will start contests exclusively for the flatlands. Winners of the contests however will NOT immediately recieve a level upgrade like the survival players since there is MUCH less work in creative builds than in survival builds. We will create a ladder system where someone has to win a set of contests (2+) to get a level upgrade.

The builds from the creative contests will be copied to a different part of the city so users know if things have been built creative or survival and creative builds will not make survival builds look worse.

However, this requires that we keep up the same standards of living for the flatlands as for the empire and other places. This has as it’s main consequence that pixelart is now not anymore tolerated in the flatlands.

So all flatlands users, you have until 10th of June to remove all your pixels art, writing etc!

5 thoughts on “Flatlands Users, please read!

  1. Does this include statues and monuments made out of wool?

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