Minecart Mania is back!

I have by accident found that someone who picked up the MM development released a new version 2 days ago! So I spent the last 5 hours configuring it – and it works now, after many restarts!

I changed the config a bit, so you might have to rebuild your stuff slightly. Most important change: All control blocks under the minecarts are now wool blocks. Old wool colors are the same all other blocks have been replaced by different color wool blocks. Also, powered rails now stop the cart if they are not powered. If they are powered, they accelerate it.\

See the Minecarts page for details please.

7 thoughts on “Minecart Mania is back!

  1. I searched here, the site linked, and Google, but couldn’t find the answer to this: What is the limit on the elevator blocks?

    • Disregard, I think I know the answer. The limit was probably set at the old world height.

        • The maintainer accepted my pull request, so we can expect this to be fixed at the next release.

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