Word of advice regarding griefing

I heard now several times that people were griefed by using switches to start harvesting mechanisms or luring away animals though open doors. The only way to stop that, would be to enable users to disable switches, as we do it in towny. There is an issue with that however:

In the empire, 100% of the area is covered by lots. Many of the lots have large builds or even walls. Most of the doors now are iron to keep the creepers out. If we allow blocking of switch-use, we run the risk that new users have to take massive detours to reach their lot due to closed doors.

Since the griefing is only occasional, I would recommend instead that you remove the switches and buttons that allow access to your most important assets and place them only when you use them once you see that you are a victim of griefing.

If we see that this is a more widespread issue, we can think also about alternative methods. At the same time I will see if we use a monitoring plugin so we can ban those users right away.

9 thoughts on “Word of advice regarding griefing

  1. I wish I could leave my doors open and devices intact so people could look around, but it is sad to say we may need to start locking and hiding things from the few that exploit others.

  2. Try adding a little more passive aggression into that. ;-)

  3. Wow you nailed it on the head… I’m now rethinking my entire behavioral patterns :)

  4. I was just teasing in good fun, to clarify. No offense intended.

  5. I thought of this from the start, that’s why I’ll be using redstone torches that only I can place and remove to enter through private doors. XD

  6. Actually single iron doors with buttons work fairly well… mobs don’t walk through them easily, and they don’t stay open for long.

  7. Exactly what sort of stuff has been going on? I ask because while wandering around someone’s building the other day, admiring the build, I accidentally stepped on an unseen pressure plate that caused a nearby row of pumpkins to be auto-harvested by a set of pistons. After recovering from the near heart-attack caused by the unexpected explosion of noise, I made efforts to avoid stepping on the plate again, obviously.

    But I’d hate to think that each plot would end up becoming little isolated areas unto themselves. I mean, that’s the whole reason I decided to try out an MC server in the first place — so I could see other’s creations, and they could see mine. After all, if not for that element of community, we all might as well be just sitting around on our local games building for our own enjoyment, nothing more. :-/

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